Why I bought my first Porsche – Ben Staples

In 1972 I was living in L.A. and was sent to Anchorage, Alaska while working for Sears. I bought a Toyota Land Cruiser since I expected rough terrain and lots of snow. I had received a substantial promotion and decided to reward myself and since the terrain was not as bad as I had imagined [……

March 17, 2018


Why I bought my first Porsche – Steve Lee

I’ve always been a gearhead and fun cars were always part of my life. Since I was a teenager I’ve kept a list of cars to someday own. Being from Michigan, American cars played heavily on that list but over the years that changed. The list evolved to include different brands as well as different …

March 13, 2018


Why I bought my first Porsche – Otto Stockmeyer

I almost bought a Porsche back in 1971, when I was trying to decide between a Porsche and a Jaguar E-Type. I favored the Porsche, but my wife liked the looks of the Jaguar (who doesn’t?). So I bought the Jag. Thirty years later, I finally got my Porsche: a 2002 911 Cabriolet. I wanted […]

March 11, 2018