October 16, 2023

2024 Board of Directors – Action to be taken at the December 2023 board meeting

Attention Motor-Stadt Members,


As the secretary for PCA Motor-Stadt, it is my honor and duty to inform you all that the 2024 board elections are coming soon and will be held in our December 2023 board meeting.  The following members at large wish to continue their commitment to the club and its membership:

-Steve Lee

-Ken Jones

-Mark Haas

-James Yen

-Piotr Pawlak

-Joe Lavender

-Terrill Whitney

-Nathan Traxler

-Don Dickmann

-Paula Zimmer

-Pat Senters

If you are interested in joining our club’s 12-member board in 2024 or obtaining more details, please voice your interest by emailing no later than October 31, 2023.