June 22, 2018

First Day of Summer Caravan

By Don Dickmann –

The first day of summer, called midsummer in many cultures, occurs at the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. It is celebrated around the world, especially in the northern latitudes, and traditionally has been a time for festivals and rituals.

Motor-Stadt Region celebrated the solstice this year with a caravan drive to Owosso, where we had a superb dinner at the Wrought Iron Grill. The restaurant is located in an old furniture factory and features a rustic interior with a steam railroad motif.

Seven cars participated— two Boxsters, two 911s, a Cayman, and Jim Heisick’s gorgeous 928. Terrill Whitney also met us at the grill in his Mini S. Besides Terrill and Jim, Ken and Cindy Braun, Bob and Margaret Smith, Charlie and Craig Hagen, Kathleen McKevitt, Curtis Howe and myself were also participants. It was fun taking the cars through the back roads of northern Ingham and southern Shiawassee Counties. The weather was perfect, and the gorgeous sunset on return was befitting a celebration of the Solstice.