March 28, 2018

Why I bought my first Porsche – Bryan Hollenbaugh

As someone whose father spent his entire career in the auto industry, you can imagine why it took me into my 40’s before buying my first Porsche. Having loyally driven Detroit-designed muscle cars most of my life (among them a ’69 Chevelle, ’05 Mustang, and an ’07 Corvette), there was overcoming “that” obstacle.

However, after living abroad for a number of years, I began to truly admire the Porsche lineage. Knowing I wanted a convertible, a Boxster looked particularly intriguing. For some, it’s about price point; others its features; many more, it’s about performance. For me, all of those were considerations; but the biggest question needing to be answered… could I fit in it comfortably?! The answer was obviously yes, and I bought a used 2000 Guards Red Boxster shortly after moving back to the States in 2010. In 2017, I sold that 2000 in favor of the White 2014 981 I drive today (which is affectionately referred to in our household as the “Mistress”).

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