March 17, 2018

Why I bought my first Porsche – Ben Staples

In 1972 I was living in L.A. and was sent to Anchorage, Alaska while working for Sears. I bought a Toyota Land Cruiser since I expected rough terrain and lots of snow. I had received a substantial promotion and decided to reward myself and since the terrain was not as bad as I had imagined I decided I needed another sports car.

I had been racing before with a Fiat Spyder, while attending N.C. State, in North Carolina, and always got beat by those pesky little Porsche cars, so naturally, I had to have one. And, I could ice race it as well as use it for a daily driver.

A search turned up a used 1968 912 “baby poop yellow” Porsche at the dealer that was just right. Yes they had a dealer there then.

I reasoned the underpowered 4 banger would be perfect for good control racing on the ice (no 911s there at the time) and rear engine was perfect. As usually happens, I had to have more “power” and shortly afterwards got hold of a 1967 factory rally 911S (maybe the first 911 in Alaska).

As Porsches do, that sucked me into the PCA clan and started a chain of Porsche ownership that has lasted through today. Many 911S, 928s, Cayennes and Boxsters later, I still love em. Love what you drive.