Motor-Stadt Region is Born

Motor-Stadt Reion, PCA, was created in 1973 from the dreams of three young men; Jerry Dillinger, Marty Herstein , and Paul Weston. You may not know these individuals, but you should know that Jerry (Traverse City) and Paul (Philly area) still retain their PCA status and call Motor-Stadt their HOME region. Marty was at the time, an enthusiastic Porsche salesman at Williams Porsche-Audi. Marty had access to the names of many Porsche owners in Central Michigan.

 The first correspondence to then PCA President Charles M. Kuell dated December 6, 1972 simply asked “Please tell me what is involved in forming a Central Michigan Region of PCA”. In January, 1973 invitations were mailed to as many Porsche owners and enthusiasts as Marty could find. By special invitation, Porsche owners converged on what would become the home restaurant of Motor-Stadters for many years, the “Starboard Tack” on Trowbridge Road in East Lansing on February 13. This special meeting tested the audience to determine if there was enough interest to form another region in Central Michigan. The answer was unanimous..YES..YES! While it took the efforts of many people to form a brand new PCA region, it was these three people who refused to take no for an answer, plodded forward very quickly, and, in near record time, forged a brand new PCA region by squeezing between two existing regions.

Correspondence retained in the Motor-Stadt archives chronicle the difficulties encountered at every turn. Despite obstacles which may have discouraged most people, Jerry, Paul, and Marty managed to wrap things up with a gala dinner party on May 19, 1973 with the formal presentation of the Porsche Club of America “Charter” officially recognizing Motor-Stadt Region. The Charter Night presentation was attended by more than 50 people, all brand new Motor-Stadt members; some of which were willing transfers from Southeast Michigan Region and Western Michigan Region, but most were newly enrolled first time PCA members. Presenting the Charter were then former PCA President Charles Kuell and Zone 4 Rep Mike Robbins. It was a great celebration for an outstanding achievement. And, a great beginning for a region which has never lost its enthusiasm.

On Saturday evening, May 1, 1993 Motor-Stadters assembled for a very special 20th Anniversary gathering. The setting was the lower level of the Sweetwater Wharf in Laingsburg, Michigan. There was a huge turnout of both “old” and “newer” members to this special evening. Former members traveled from as far away as New Jersey and Pennsylvania to attend the celebration. We recalled the early days when, not surprisingly, 914s made up the largest model contingent in the club. We had a great time and we had the opportunity to recognize individuals who had made contributions thoughout the years.

First, former MSR Presidents were recognized for the first twenty years: Jerry Dillinger, Paul Weston, Mark Haveman, Peter Marabel, Jim Winckler, Sue Winckler, Bill Degrow, Dave Keenan, Bill Robertson, Duncan Foster, Thyra Foster, Bev Haug, Sally Sprafka, Randy Beck, and Len VanderJagt. Some of these individuals served more than one term as President.

Second, former MSR Newsletter (Madness) Editors were recognized for the first twenty years: Bird Schmida, Bob Berg, Paula Tison, Mary Degrow, Valerie Weston Duncan and Thyra Foster, John Yeager and Karl Haug, Doug Hirt, Laura Lockwood and Len VanderJagt. Some of these individuals served more than one year as Madness Editor.

Third, special thanks were given to two of Motor-Stadt’s greatest supporters, Wayne Williams (Williams AutoWorld) and George Moisenko (German Automotive).

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